About TASH

As of 2019, TASH is under new leadership, although still guided by Father Scott Seethaler’s vision and values.   Somethings haven’t changed, and that is that Oaxaca is still considered in the top two Mexican states for economic poverty.   With the minimum wage at $4.25 per day, the majority of the population can’t access basic health, education or other social services.

The TASH Board will be undergoing a continual assessment this coming year, as we continue to support five active nonprofits: Clinica del Pueblo, Puente a la Salud Comunitaria, St. Cecilia, SiKanda, and CANICA.

Thus, we are seeking to create impact by providing quality and affordable hospital care services, nutrition and agricultural programming, youth leadership, and first stage intervention for street children.

We are honored to have you transfer your trust and support to our new leadership.  While you may experience some changes in how we communicate, we will work tirelessly to assure transparent and effective use of your donations to serve the mission of TASH.

TASH, Inc. is a registered 501 c (3) organization.
Donations are tax-deductible.

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